What’s in the name?


Why did I choose the name, “You did it to me,” for my blog? Aside from the obvious quote from Jesus teaching about the connection between  our treatment of others and our treatment of The Lord (see Matthew 25: 31-46) I also was heavily influenced by the spirituality of Blessed Mother Theresa who was deeply affected by these words of Christ’s. She made from that parable a beautiful prayer that helps to drive home the point for me. She would use the five fingers of her own or anther persons hand to draw emphasis to the words of Christ which she summed up in five words (one for each finger of the hand), “you did it to me.” I love that prayer. In a very beautiful and succinct way it draws out the connection between our charity (or lack thereof) towards others and our charity towards God (or lack thereof). I have always been moved by the lived faith of Mother Theresa and others like her such as Saint Francis of Assisi. They have helped drive home for me the deep and integral connection between faith and works. I have learned through their examples to see in all others not only my brother and sister but also the hidden Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta, PRAY FOR US! Saint Francis of Assisi, PRAY FOR US! Lord have mercy!



5 thoughts on “What’s in the name?

  1. Hello Father, I am thankful I stumbled on your blog. Do you know if this image of the hand is copyrighted? If it is yours, would you allow me to use it? Thank you.

    • Hello Claire, thank you for your comments and for your message. You have a great name by the way and a wonderful patron in St. Clare of Assisi! May her prayers and life bless and inspire you! The image is mine and you are welcome to use it as long as it is appropriate and I will entrust that to your judgement ;D Thank you for asking! Blessings in Christ,

      Fr. Michael

  2. Thankyou Fr. For these pearls of wisdom. Though I’ve read this verse so many times. I still had to read it again to decipher ” You did it to ME”.

    Praise GOD.. i stumbled across this blog of urs.. I will live by this virtue. Thankyou Father.

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