Hidden in Rome


So, I made it to Rome earlier today after a long flight and a little sleep. Blessings to you all who are following my progress. Some undoubtably are wondering whether I am here on a little vacation or something. No, I am here in order to commence studies of Italian which I am to begin on Monday morning. I will do two months of intensive immersive studies – intensivo – as my course is actually called. Then, with hopefully enough progress in Italiano, I will begin a Licentiate in Moral Theology. But, as for today, I was free to wander the streets fo Rome and visit as many Churches as I could.

As I visited numerous Churches I was obviously confronted with a lot of other tourists as the above photo confirms. I was most suprised by how many torusits there were visiting the Pantheon or Santa Maria dei Martiri as it is also called. I was so suprised by the incredible lineup in orderto get in that I decided I would come back another time, perhaps for Mass or in the morning sometime. In each of the Churches that I visited I stopped to pray for a bit or for a while longer than a bit but, in almost all of them, I was confronted with the same experience. Many many people milling about taking millions of pictures (I took my small share as well) but most of them never stopping to pray. I was really struck by the amazing presence that was right underneath their noses (or camera lenses) and how so few of them even realized it. Nowhere was this more evident than in the Pantheon. When I arrived their was an anticipated Sunday Mass in progress so there were guards to keep people form going in. I was grateful for this care to keep sacred the liturgy. Nevertheless, people waited and waited for the smallish group of Mass goers to come out so that they could rush in to see the grande building and space (and indeed it is grande!). I wanted them to know that they looked for beauty, for mystery and for something to awe them but that, although they may have found some of it in the stunning architecture, there was something – Someone – infinitely more awesome and particualry present in that same space in the Eucharistic Lord!

God’s sacramental presence! The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist! They were entering into the proximity of Christ’s most inredible presence and had no idea that God is there in a unique and privildged way… My heart went out to them. I was so grateful to know the Lord was there, in those Churches which were meant to display and captivate and lead people towards Him – to an awareness and an openess of His loving presence and humble love. Oh Lord, grant to many of them the gift of faith and the keenest of experiences to direct and guide their hearts and minds to You, the great and amazing Lord of all. Grant peace to them in such a way that nothing in this world, not even the grandest of Your churches can ever hope to them, so that they are moved to seek You and be drawn to You because of your Merciful gifts.

My dear freinds, thank you for all your prayers, please know that I am grateful for them and I have been and will be praying for you too! May the Lord be with you and grant you His Peace as well – reminding you of the incredible and unfathomable treasure that we have in the Eucharist!

I will see you in the Mass!

Fr. Michael



16 thoughts on “Hidden in Rome

  1. Thought of you often yesterday, glad you made it to your new home…. Remember to take it slow, you have been granted the gift of two years to explore, unlike the tourists who have two days. Thanks for your prayers and I will continue to do likewise. See you on the Eucharist.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and for your prayers.
    It is true that the greatest of treasures are sometimes hidden, but often right in front of our noses.
    See you in the Mass.

  3. So good that you made it safely to Rome. Thank you for sharing your experience. What a relief not to have to pass by guards or wait in line to get to Mass at St. Martins. : ) Thinking and praying for you often. Blessings to you Father.

  4. Glad your adventure begins well & thanks for sharing your thoughts although I know you have a busy time.. May God be with you always. Cheers.

  5. Glad you arrived safely, and have a couple of days to unwind. Saw you in the Eucharist last night. God Bless. Marian

  6. Glad you made if safely to Rome and are experiencing the Holy Eucharist while you are there. Thanks again for your blessing over us as I found out this week I do not to have immediate surgery! thanks be to god and You father

  7. Hi Father, for some reason my first comment isn’t on here, not sure what I did wrong, but will try again. So glad to see you arrived safely on the first leg of your journey. Only someone with your youth, energy and stamina would be out sightseeing after that long flight. For the past 3 years you have been blessing us, now it’s your turn to let the Lord bless you. Saw you in the Eucharist Saturday night, so in a way He is still using you to bless us. Thank you for all the little tidbits you left us with each weekend, “See you in the Eucharist”, being just one of them. And remember we all love you and you will always be part of our family. God Bless!

  8. I think of you often Father Micheal and I miss you, I’m so happy you made it safely to your new home. Thank you for staring your experiences with us and for your prayers I will continue to pray for you. See you in the mass

    • Bless you and thank you Brenda! I am praying for you all too! I offered Mass for the communities last weekend for you all. I will continue to see you in the Eucharist! 🙂 Peace in Christ!

      • Merry Christmas Father, from Joyce and Jim Tull. Hope all is well with you in Rome and your studies are going well. We are preparing for Christmas here. My mom fell and broke her hip and had hip replacement in October. She is now living in the nursing home in Viking. She has fallen several times since her surgery. She often speaks of you and asks us how you are. All is well with us, MISS YOU ALOT, but know that you are needed elsewhere now and hope our paths cross again…love Jim and Joyce Tull

      • Just a quick hello to say hi and how are you doing. Bet you are very busy getting ready for Easter . See you and hear you at every mass and miss you take care and GODBLESS YOU SEE YOU IN THE HOMILY . LOVE JIM JOYCE TULL YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER IN OUR LORD AND FATHER

        On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 10:01 AM, You did it to me wrote:

        > schumacherm1 commented: “Bless you and thank you Brenda! I am praying for > you all too! I offered Mass for the communities last weekend for you all. I > will continue to see you in the Eucharist! 🙂 Peace in Christ!” >

      • Thanks you guys! I have a little bit of time off during Holy Week and the Octave of Easter so I am home for a bit. It will be fast as I am helping put in my sister’s parish and will be helping out for my nieces first Holy Communion. Blessings to you and prayers! See you in the Mass 😉

        In Christ,
        Fr. Michael

      • So nice to hear from you. We often speak about you and wonder how you are doing in Rome. I know that you are aceing all your classes. Please keep in touch and Have a Very Happy Easter with your family and a safe trip back to Rome. God Bless You always
        Your brother and sister in Christ, Jim and Joyce

      • Bless you! Good to hear from you too. It was really nice to see a few families from the parishes at the Chrism Mass yesterday. Blessings on your Holy Week and on your upcoming Easter celebrations as well! God bless you all too! In Christ, Fr. Michael

  9. we met our new priest this week end in Holden. He is very nice but we still miss youl. Hopefully in time we will come to understand God’s plan for you. We are having a welcome dinner for our new priest after the 6:30 mass this coming Saturday. We will continue to keep you in our families prayers. Joyce and Jim

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